Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Walking Dead Panel at C2E2

SPOILER ALERT: this post contains spoilers about Walking Dead Season 2

            One of my favorite Walking Dead characters is Glenn both in the show and in the comic. I was lucky enough to attend the C2E2 Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan. The whole panel was very entertaining. Both Lauren and Steven talked about their character development in season 2 and what they want to see in season 3. Both said they can see a marriage happening, but it won’t be elaborate with the whole zombie thing happening. They were also asked if Glenn and Maggie would make a baby of their own. They have no idea if it will happen, but they agreed that they would see how Rick and Lori’s turns out first. They discussed the death of characters on the show. They explained how close everyone on the cast is. The cast lives together in the middle of nowhere Georgia. They call themselves the Walking Dead family and it upsets everyone when someone leaves the show.
            A fan asked how Michonne was going to work out in season 3. All they had to say about her is that she will be as bad-ass as you hope she will be. They were also asked if they are ready to get closer haircuts as depicted in the comics. Both said that they are extremely committed to the show and if that is what the writers want, Lauren would jump on the bandwagon while Steven seemed a little more reluctant.
            I had never realized how many awesome things Lauren Cohan was and the panel made me feel bad that I had never been a fan of hers before. Lauren was in Chuck and Supernatural along with the Walking Dead, all things I love. She was asked who the better kisser was: Jensen Ackles or Steven? She answered with Steven, which shocked most people, but most of all Steven. Steven made her straight face reaffirm and she seemed pretty serious about it. I still don’t know if I believe her. The panel was great and you could tell that Lauren and Steven really got along which made the panel that much more enjoyable. Now I just have to figure out how to wait patiently for season 3.

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