Monday, April 30, 2012

Geek Chic Make-up from Think Geek

With The Avengers movie coming out, I thought I would devote this weeks post to avengery things. Today's post is about make-up. This image is all over the web, and if I was more talented, I would be wearing one of theses to the premier.
If you want to just buy geek themed make-up because, like me, you lack the talent of the photos above, Think Geek now has a line of make-up! 
Because of my love for The Princess Bride, "As You Wish" is currently living in my cart.
Out of these solid scents, I am thinking "Frisky Pirate." No real reason that I am choosing that one over the other name wise, but the scent sounds most appealing to me.
Out of these choices, I think that "Health Potion" looks like a gorgeous color. I think I will start with that one and see how I like the product before I try the others.  All of these products are avaliable at and all of them look like something fun to try out for under $10.

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  1. Mary get the colors I would totally help you do one of these wonderful faces!!!