Sunday, January 26, 2014

Start of a Navi Costume

So I have been slowly working on my Navi costume. I almost have the corset finished and I started the skirt. Here is the info on my corset. I bought simplicity pattern 3677 for my corset. I chose a muslin and a blue broad cloth for the interfacing and blue patterned brocade for the outward facing side. I have a grommeter that I got on amazon for cheap that I am excited to use when I have a bit of free time. Below are a few pictures and the almost finished project. I hope to have the skirt finished in a couple of weeks. I have yet to start the terrifying process of creating Majora's mask, but maybe I will force myself to start that  next weekend!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally Working on Cosplay Again!!

After a full time summer job, starting grad school, starting a new job, and getting engaged I have finally started working on my cosplay again! I have a word document full of ideas that I am really jazzed about. The fiancé, his brother, and I are planning on attending C2E2 this year (hopefully.) They both really wanted to cosplay as something. I suggested that we do a Legend of Zelda theme because they both love the series of games and I am quite found of it as well. I have materials for all three of our costumes. My fiancé wants to go as Skull Kid with Majora's mask, his brother as Link, and I am working on a Navi costume for myself. I am fairly close to done with my costume. Because the only images of Navi we really get are just a blue ball of light, my costume has been easy and self designed (which has been really fun.) I will be posting pictures soon with progress on my costume. I have the fabric for my future brother's costume and an idea of how to make it. The fiancé's costume is by far the most complicated. I am hoping to get it done by C2E2, but we shall see. This post by Meagan Marie has an amazing Skull kid Majora's Mask cosplay and is what I shall be aspiring to. Hopefully, I can post about my Navi costume within the next week or so! Happy crafting!!