Thursday, April 19, 2012

C2E2 Purchases

I tried to limit myself on my purchases at C2E2 and I did a pretty good job while ending up with cool stuff. The first items I bought were Morning Glories graphic novel #1 and #2. I had read the first one, and the deal was both of them for $20, already a good deal. What sweetened the deal was that Joe Eisma was there to sign them for me. He does the art which I love, so I was totally on board to pick up both. 

I also picked up some art. Katie Cook has a print that’s adorable of the main characters from Firefly which you can find here

I picked up an awesome pack of six prints from artist Cliff Chiang which includes this iconic piece: 

Y-the Last Man hardcover #4 and Invincible collection #1 rounded out my comic purchases. I spent $10 for a picture of me and my friend with Nicholas Brendan, which was totally worth it. The last thing I picked up was a Nerdist shirt. It was on my list of things to look for at the con. There were many other shirts I was tempted by such as a Mouse Guard t-shirt, but I decided to start limiting myself to one shirt a con. I am very happy with everything I purchased at C2E2.

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