Monday, April 23, 2012

"Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope"

            Comic-Con Episode IV:  A Fan’s Hope was released on iTunes last Friday to rent. I had heard about the movie about a month ago and was really excited for it. I followed it to see where it was playing, but it is only playing in towns that have enough requests, so I knew it wouldn’t reach me. I was so excited to learn that it was available through iTunes and I was more than happy to pay the $6.99 it cost to rent it. I would say, for anyone who loves cons and wishes to one day attend Comic-Con, it is worth a watch.
            I have never attended the Mecca of all cons, I hope to someday, and this film only increased my ambitions to attend. I watch the coverage of the con on G4 every summer and think about how I will attend some year. Watching this film made me think of making this dream happen sooner than later.
            This film follows different types of people attending the con and their different experiences there. Two artists looking to break into the comic book industry are profiled. Both artists have talent, but they need to talk to publishers at the con to make connections. A comic book retailer that has been attending the con forever is profiled along with his protégé. Death of the comic part of Comic-Con is discussed along with following the case of the super rare Marvel comic Red Raven #1. A costume maker who has a love for Mass Effect is followed on her journey to Comic-Con’s masquerade. As someone who loves cosplay, I loved her parts of the documentary. A couple who started their relationship is also followed during the documentary.
            All of the cases are interesting, but what makes them more interesting are the cuts of different Comic-con attendees adding in their own comments. These attendees include Joss Whedon and Stan Lee, who are both executive producers of the documentary, along with people like Seth Rogan and average-Joe types. I really liked hearing their insight on the con and how it has changed.
            This documentary was really great. Anyone who has attended a con and loves the culture, or wishes to attend a convention will really enjoy this film. This film will help hold people over till the coverage of Comic-con is televised, or for those lucky enough, till they attend the actual Comic-con. This film was for sure worth the watch.

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