Monday, April 16, 2012

C2E2 Overview

It’s the Monday after C2E2 and I wish I had another con coming up this weekend already. C2E2 was great this year. The vendor hall was bigger and there were way more people in artist alley. Also, attendance seemed to be up by a large amount. I spent most of Friday walking around and then attended Nerdist Live! Saturday I did attend the John Barrowman and Walking Dead panel which I will post about later this week along with being Amy Pond on Saturday. I have really enjoyed C2E2 both times I attended. The space the vendor hall is in is really nice. It is bright, clean, and has very roomy isles. I attended Wizard World Comic-Con Chicago in August and was much more impressed with how C2E2 presented itself. C2E2 is a con that I would highly suggest as a person’s first con. It is busy on Saturday, but Friday isn’t too crazy. A lot of different interests are covered and they usually have some pretty good guests and panels. I only attended panels for television shows this year, but there are also panels on how to break into the comic book industry, crafting, and professional panels. There were some panels that were only open to professionals, and since I am still a college student, I was unable to attend some that sounded really cool. C2E2 is only in its third year, and it is expanding really well. I would for sure recommend this for anyone in the Midwest, and for anyone who want to get their friends into more nerd things. C2E2 is a very welcoming convention that has a lot to offer, but without the craziness that seems to be Comic-Con San Diego. I had a really good time this year and am excited to see what they will have to offer next year for April 26-28 2013.


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun. I'm tucked away in Utah and haven't made it a point to travel to one of the big expos. They sound like a ball though.

    1. Cons are great. It gives me a feeling of being home. I totally recommend C2E2. It isn't too big, but still has enough things to spend all your money on.