Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nerdist Live!

            I had the awesome chance to see my favorite podcast, The Nerdist, live Friday night. I was in the Chicago area for C2E2 and could not pass up the chance to see Chris, Matt, and Jonah do their thing live. I dragged the Hopeless Gamer along with me. He wasn’t really reluctant to go, but was not very familiar with the podcast and he didn’t have any expectations. I, on the other hand, have listened to almost all of the podcasts and was very excited. We arrived at the theater an hour and a half before the show, which worked really well for us. Doors opened at 7:00 and we had wonderful seats in the 5th row of the Vic Theater. To entertain us before the show, Tweetdeck was on a large screen with #NerdistChi. That was a great way for the fans in the theater to tweet, tell everyone how excited they were, and kept everyone from typing on their phones and being non-social. Hopeless Gamer posted an adorable picture of his cat and received cheers. At one point, the person running the computer with the tweet deck wasn’t paying attention and the computer screen showed their personal photos through a screensaver. This was corrected eventually to many cheers. The Nerdist himself tweeted about “breaking a vase” translated to killing a prostitute which everyone…enjoyed…
            The entertainment started with stand up from Matt, Jonah, and Chris. Each did about fifteen minute sets, and all were great. The Hopeless Gamer wasn’t familiar with Matt and Jonah, but after their standup, he was more excited for the podcast. After Chris’s set, the podcast began. They had a special guest, Alison Haislip from G4. She seemed really nice and involved in the conversation. The podcast was a mash up of random discussion and what was happening next in Nerdist Industries. During the quemments (Questions and Comments), Chris announced a brand new program for the Nerdist Chanel on Youtube. The Nerdist Chanel will soon have a show focusing on special effects. People will be asked to send in requests and experienced make-up and special effects artists will show step by step how to achieve the look. As a fan of The Face-Off on Syfy, I am really excited for this show. Chris and the gang were really great about answering questions and giving sincere answers while still involving everyone in the audience on questions that some people may not have been interested in.
            The Hopeless Gamer was nice enough to wait with me after so I could meet the whole crew. We waited in line for less than an hour, and it was totally worth it. Matt, Jonah, and Chris all signed my Doctor Who wallet and I was able to take a picture with Chris. They were all really great and nice. I know they must have been at the theater until at least 1:00 with all the people that were waiting to meet them, but they seemed more than happy to stay. The experience was great and totally worth it. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in nerd culture.

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