Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gen Con Steampunk Pirates

 No excuse for waiting so long to post these, but my oldest brother and I went as steampunk pirates for a day during Gen Con. We ran into another pirate so we had a bit of a photo shoot. My brother was my lackey. He made his gun (which was really awesome), and I helped with the clothing part. I already had my corset, which has a bustle on the back, since my first Gen Con. I bought the white shirt from Forever21. The hat was plain, by I added the gold piping, the feathers and the medallions. My mom bought some fashion key necklaces which I am also wearing. I bought brown gloves and added the lace to create a gauntlet. The khaki skirt came from Goodwill. I hemmed it and added the ribbon pick ups. I also added a short petticoat underneath. The thigh high stockings came from . My boots are something I wear as an everyday item. I picked them up from Boston store on super clearance. Overall, I am really happy how this turned out. I wish I had added more metal pieces to it, but this was a last minute costume which was so much fun to walk around in.

And here is a balloon dragon

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