Sunday, May 4, 2014

Crown Championships of Cosplay

Saturday night C2E2 saw a huge event: The Crown Championships of Cosplay. Me and my group sat through the 24 panel just to make sure we had good seats for the competition. Our plan seemed to pay off. We were in the second row of regular C2E2 badge holders. The C2E2 staff had to cut the line off into the huge room because it was full. It was a great experience and the rest of this post will mostly be pictures speaking for themselves. Also, the slide before each costume says who the cosplayer is and what costume they are wearing. Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry. Enjoy!

All of the Lovely Judges: Nan Cibula-Jenkins, Ashley Eckstein, Yaya Han, and Austin Scarlett

The first category of costumes was comic book characters.

The next category of costumes was fantasy and anime. 

This was a 35 foot tall dragon that actually breathed fire.

The third category was movies and television.

She was an adorable eleven year old girl whose dad helped her out.

 The last category was video games.

 She was so creepy and really got into her Little Sister cosplay.

All of the costumes were honestly amazing. The amount of time it would take to make any of these costumes is staggering. All of these costumes involved a lot of different skill sets such as sewing and fabricating. And now for the winners

The winner in the comic book category was:

Ming the Merciless

The runners up were Lady Hawk and Iron Man.

The winner in the fantasy and anime category was:

Fai D. Flowright

The runners up were Red Riding Hood the Warrior and Envy the Green Fairy.

The winner in the movie and television category was:

 Queen Amidala

The runners up were Anna from Frozen and Bumblebee.

The winner in the video game category was:

Big Daddy

The runners up were Helena Douglas and Commander Shepherd.

The over all winner was Big Daddy followed by Ming the Merciless, Queen Amidala, and Fai D. Flowright.

Attending this event was a lot of fun. The energy was great and the crowd really got into it. The judges explained that they spent three hours in pre judging looking at the craftsmanship of all the costumes. I really loved the demon hunter a lot a lot. The one thing that really bugged me about the show was the crowd booed when Bumblebee did not win his category. Because of the judges looking at craftsmanship, I figured they had looked at the costumes close enough to be the real judge. All of the costumes were great and the show was really entertaining. I think that C2E2 should consider an honorable mention or two to point out really great costumes that almost made the top three, but it would be hard to decided where to cut that off. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and look for a post about my experience on Sunday of C2E2 coming soon!

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