Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C2E2 Saturday

Saturday at C2E2 was a bunch of fun and now I had friends that I already new around! It was me, my fiancee (R), his little brother (L), and his significant other (B). B had never been to a convention before, so we waited with the big herd of people to walk the floor around 10:00 AM. It was a lot of fun and I think B was a bit overwhelmed, but excited to see what was next.

We all attended the "In Defense of YA" panel. consisting of five young adult authors: EC Blake, Kendare Blake, April Genevieve Tucholke, Lydia Kang, and Seth Fishman. All of the authors were really great and were passionate about the young adult audience. They discussed their books and gave a bit of a synopsis. Each of their books sounded interesting, and I could see recommending them to different audiences during readers' advisory. The question of diversity was asked, and I think they all approached the subject appropriately. Most of them take diversity in their books in mind when they are writing, but there was a fear among the panel that they would write about ethnicities of which they are not part; they feel that they may get it wrong. The authors were open to questions and seemed really excited to be a part of the panel. B thought that the panel was really great for his first.

We walked around for a while after the our first panel of the day. I had walked all of the floor on Friday, but I there are always things I miss in the first few walkthroughs. I bought a few pieces of art because I could. R and I decided to go see Eve Myles because he was unable to see her panel the night before. There was only one small group of people in line, so we jumped at the chance. Right after we got in line she asked her C2E2 helper if she could take a break after our group. When we went up to take our picture, I apologized for keeping her from her break. She told me "Don't be daft," in her adorable Welsh accent. Also, she told us to make sure we liked the picture after we took it. She was so nice and I am so happy we took time to meet her.

The next panel we all went to was "Bloody Good Fun: Exploring Comedy with in the Horror Genre." The panel consisted of members of WildClaw Theatre Group. This panel was ok. It did make me want to see some of their productions, but it wasn't very helpful otherwise. They read a radio play that was submitted for their annual radio play competition that was really fun and entertaining. I would recommend checking out their website for upcoming plays and events: http://www.wildclawtheatre.com/
The rest of Saturday was spent walking around and deciding what time to get to the main stage to wait for the Crown Championships of Cosplay. We ended up watching the 24 reunion panel because C2E2 does not clear the rooms in between events. The 24 reunion panel was interesting. I have never seen 24, but B watched it so it was fun to see how excited he got. Elliot Serrano also narrated this panel and I was impressed by how he handled himself when the actors tested him. He kept the conversation going and was really good about opening the questions up to the fans.
We ended Saturday with the Crown Championships of Cosplay, but you will have to check back tomorrow to see all the pictures and read about the awesome judges!

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