Friday, July 25, 2014

Comic Con Announcements

Ok, so I wasn't going to write anything about Comic Con fun, but too many great things have come to my attention to not talk about. Here it goes:

Her Universe, which creates adorable nerdy clothes for everyday wear, announced they are teaming up with Studio Ghibli for a line of clothing that will only be sold at Hot Topic. A few pieces from the line were shown at the super awesome fashion show that was sponsored by Her Universe, Hot Topic, and the Nerdist. Fashionable Geek posted pictures of the new clothing line here.

Speaking of the super awesome fashion show, you can see all of the amazing outfits over at Pop Sugar.
There were some really amazing pieces. I'm sad that the wedding dresses weren't around when I was looking for one.

Off of the fashion note, Geek Tyrant has news that Sam Raimi announced that he is working on Evil Dead the TV series. I have no idea what this would actually entail, but Bruce Campbell is involved and I am excited.

The poster art from Ant-Man was also released and looks super freaking amazing. I love Paul Rudd, but the replacement of Edgar Wright is still hard for me to handle.
(Oooohhh Ahhhhhhh)

Adventure Time was picked up for a 7th Season, so that's awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch teased at the Penguins of Madagascar panel that he may be up for the role of Doctor Strange, but Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix have all been tied to the role as well. Hopefully there will be an answer during tomorrows Marvel Panel. 

What are other people excited about? I may post again if things get too exciting. I am going to start work on my Kiki costume soon for Gen Con and will hopefully have updates with pictures soon.

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