Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finished Navi Corset and ANOTHER Layer of Majora's Mask

I finally finished my Navi corset. I have had the grommeting set for about a month now, but I was too nervous to use it. Finally last night (after some liquid courage), I worked up the nerve to try it out. I tried it on a spare piece of fabric, and once I figured out how it worked, I went ahead and put grommets into my beautiful almost-finished corset. I am actually really impressed with myself. It fits, the grommets line up, and it looks like a corset. I may need to shorten the shoulders a bit, but besides that, my corset seems to be finished. I think I did alright for my first corset!
Besides finishing my corset, I think I have finally applied the last layer of papier mache to Majora's Mask. I ended up folding some stripes of paper to make the mask more even. It worked way better than I expected. I still need to add the spikes (which I may need to do a bit more papier mache- ing for) and the clear ornaments for the eyes. My next step will be the spikes, but then I am going to try covering the mask in gesso before I paint it. I have never used gesso before. It seems straight forward, but we shall see. 

I will be working on my Navi tutu skirt soon. I have to figure out a way to have the glitter not fall of the tulle that I am using. I'm going to try both scotch guard and hair spray. I will post results of the experiment, but if there is anything that has really worked for you, feel free to post it in the comments!

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