Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gen Con 2015

This year's Gen Con journey is coming up fast. I am going to be there again as well as my husband, brothers, and my brother-in-law, Louis. It is Louis's first time at Gen Con and he just informed me this past weekend that he wishes to cosplay. He wants to go as Link, which we had planned a year ago, but never started. While this is great and super fun, we have less than a month to pull this off. Also, Louis has never sewn anything before. We have the basic beginnings of his tunic done, and he is catching on to sewing fast. Luckily, there is this great blog walk through for the Ocarina of Time Link that we are using. It has been so helpful! Here is the link (ha):

I am going to go as Navi. My costume is almost done. I have the corset, skirt, shoes, wig, and shirt. I may remake my skirt. My husband, Ray, wants to cosplay as well. He is going to go as Sakon the Thief. We are going to buy quite a bit of his costume, but he is already bald, so that is a good start.

I am going down with just my brothers on Wednesday. We will have quite the quality sibling time until late Thursday night when others arrive. I am taking a molding and casting class on Thursday, and I am so excited for it as well as the brewery tour on Friday. I believe we have a horror RPG on Friday night, as is our tradition. I did not sign up for much this year, but I will be cosplaying Saturday, which takes quite a bit of time out of the day. I am getting more and more excited for Gen Con and will hopefully get some cosplay progress pictures up soon.

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