Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Costume Planning: Steampunk Blackwidow

Black Widow is my favorite superhero. She is a bad ass chick who doesn't care about anyone but herself most of the time. I wish I had a a little Black Widow in me and maybe that's why I like her so much. I decided to start working on a steampunk Black Widow costume for Gencon 2012. Michael Dooney created what they thought a steampunk Black Widow would look like and you can see their other drawings here:
I personally think that this is a little to frilly for my beloved Black Widow. She is all about the sneaky, super spy, ninja stuff, so I decided to go off what I think she would wear. So far I have a lace shrug and black boots that I love:
The bolero is from Amazon and the boots are from Alloy. I plan on making my belt from different gold medallions I find. I also plan on finding black leather gloves and making bracelets but instead of bullets, I am going to fill small bottles with different colored liquids and make pockets for them all around my  wrist. 

There is the question of what the rest of the clothing will look like. I am thinking of doing all black leather type clothing. I found an inexpensive pleather corset and black pleather leggings aren't hard to find. I am just a little worried it will be a little too S&M. I am going to make my own hat and will show updates as I work on that. Black Widow usually carries a large gun, so I am going to find a hopefully inexpensive nerf gun and steam punk it up. So excited and I will keep you guys updated.

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